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a vintage photo of a group of people standing in front of a building

Flat Iron Past

Drawing upon the original Flatiron Building in New York City, Augustus F. Kountze, a local banker and landowner, had the building erected as commercial and office space in 1912. The building, designed in the Georgian Revival style, is one of Omaha's most distinctive buildings. It has four stories with a circular tower at the point of the triangle, and is highlighted by decorative brickwork. There is limestone trim around the entire building, with a brown brick exterior on the whole building. 

In the novel Kings of Broken Things by Theodore Wheeler, the Flatiron Hotel is the site of a of a criminal scheme to dig secret tunnels that connect reputable hotels to brothels. The novel depicts several criminal endeavors connected to noted crime and political boss Tom Dennison.

1914 The building is renovated for use as a hotel by local realtors Payne & Slater. 

1920s The hotel gains a reputation as a safe house for mobsters. 

1948 The building’s Howard Street entrance is added.

1970s The Flatiron is converted to offices. 

1978 The building is added to the National Register of Historic Places.

1995 The Flatiron Cafe opens in the first floor. 

2015 Construction begins on the Hotel Flatiron, renovating the interior to feature 30 luxury apartments on floors 2-4 and commercial space on the first floor.

 2021 Dirty Birds show up and can't think of anything better than serving Fried Chicken and Cold Beer.